QSC Week 2 Challenge

1 year ago

What Will It Cost You To Live Your Dreams?

Have you ever thought of how much income you would need to live your dream life? How much would it take? It is hard to think about what that would be on an annual income, but it would be easier to think about that on a monthly basis.

First, you should figure out what your monthly expenses are right now, and how much you are spending on a monthly basis. Once you have that figure, you will be able to build upon that. We all have to start out somewhere! By doing this you know where you stand and how much money you would need to replace your job, and being able to work full-time growing your business or doing what you love.

Money is really the byproduct, because the true freedom is having your time, money is simply the tool that will “buy back” your time so that you can do what you want with your time. Think about it, you only want more money because it will give you more options, but if you could make that same type of money not at your job, you would do it, and if you could make that type of money in less time, I don’t think you would be complaining.

A free tool online that you can utilize to calculate your monthly expenses here below:

Click Here

This will give you an idea of what you monthly expenses should be ideally to live your life now, and it can only grow from there.

Why you have started building an online business

I started an online business as a way to be financially independent from a job, and live my life the way I want to, with spending good quality time with my family, instead of giving most of my time and effort to a job, trading time for money. I want to be free and buy my time back.

I want to build my business to initially replace both my income, as well as my wife, and only work for someone else out of choice or desire too, not because we don’t have any alternatives. I want to take family vacations, or go all out on our anniversary or any special occasion, and to have more options to choose from. Once I get there I want to help others in my situation, who want more out of life for themselves and their family, if they decide they want to create an online business, help them to achieve that.

My dream life is to get out of bed when I want to, to vacation any time I want to, to be able to help anyone financially if I wanted to, and to have money in the bank or at my disposal to not have to every worry about money or lack of again.

Currently, with my bills and cost of living for our current lifestyle, the type of monthly income that would be enough to keep my wife and I at home would be $6,000 per month right now, to live comfortably. Now we could go lower, but to live the way we are living now that would be enough plus some to enjoy life right now.

My dream and vision, is to show people my journey, and to help those with dreams to achieve them. I want to help as many people to be financially free as possible. I’m tired of seeing my friends, families, co-workers struggle, and believe that it is the only way. There is a better way, and I’m willing to take that step myself so that I can lead others down the path that let me be free. I’m not free as of yet, but I will be. As long as I keep moving forward, keep learning, and taking action I will achieve my dreams. But I want to let you know there is no difference between me and you. If I can do it, you can too. I understand if you are not ready yet, but no when you are I’ll be here to show you the way!

To Your Success,