3 Must-Have, Free WordPress Tools for Starting Out in 2018

2 years ago

My first website was built using desktop software with limited drag and drop functionality in 2006. I stuffed it with keywords and all the products I could find from the companies that were willing to drop ship for me. About a month after I published it, there was one website visitor (allegedly someone from Tempe, AZ). But, nothing was ordered, and I sat waiting for my “big break;” this made me realize that there was much more I needed to learn about online business.

After a few years of research, training, and experience, everything had changed again. Consumer paradigms shifted. Companies realized this, and digital marketing tools became more user-friendly. The current state of online business was beginning to evolve… Now, we are at the peak of that evolution.

If you’re getting started online (or moving to a new platform) in 2018, you have a ton of options. And, depending on your goals and your niche, there are a ton of tools to help automate your workload. But, some of them stand out from the rest. Here are three of the crucial tools you need to easily launch an optimized WordPress site in 2018.

Must-Have WP Tool #1: Yoast SEO

#1 Must-Have WordPress Tool: Yoast SEO

On-site search engine optimization (SEO) is a fundamental element of online success. Without optimized pages, search engines won’t index you. In this case, your site is never going to show up in search results. If this happens, the people interested in your products will never find you. That’s where Yoast comes in. Using the tool correctly, you can fully optimize each page and post on your WordPress site for your chosen search phrases.

Cost: Free (Premium: $89)

Must-Have WP Tool #2: Elementor Page Builder

#2 Must-Have WordPress Tool: Elementor Page Builder

Are you an HTML and CSS master? If so, do you enjoy typing code all day? The beauty of Elementor is that it saves you a ton of time and effort while helping you build high-end, pixel-perfect designs for your website pages. You get complete control over every small styling detail inside your WordPress site.

Cost: Free (Pro Starts at $49)

Must-Have WP Tool #3: Pixabay Images

#3 Must-Have WordPress Tool: Pixabay Images

All of Pixabay’s images are free for commercial and personal use. It’s one of the most popular, free stock image websites online. But, it’s a pain to move from one tab to the next when creating a blog post or new page. Save yourself a ton of time by installing Pixabay images. Instead of searching in multiple tabs, click, search, and insert stunning pictures in a matter of seconds.

Cost: Free

Get started today and build a beautiful, optimized website on WordPress without a ton of hassle.

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